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Product Development by the Best Custom Fabric Manufacturer in Australia

Collins Textile Group is one of the leading custom clothing manufacturers, bath towel manufacturers, mink blanket manufacturers, polo shirt manufacturers and t-shirt manufacturers, developing clothing and other products for Australian retailers, fashion designers and other entities.

We are an apparel manufacturing, bed sheet manufacturing and towel manufacturing company that offers all this and much more at competitive rates. Get in touch with us when you’re looking for clothing manufacturers for small orders or large orders, blankets wholesale suppliers, wholesale curtain fabric suppliers, wholesale t shirts bulk suppliers or school uniform suppliers in Australia.

How Collins Textile Group Can Help

A key strength of our business is the diversity of our supplier base, providing a range of alternatives when it comes to engineering or developing specific woven and knit fabrics. As a leading custom fabric manufacturer, Collins Textile Group has the capability to re-source your existing fabric and improve it in any number of ways. From a technical perspective, to correct deficiencies in the current item and improve performance, or to replicate it with one of our mills to reduce price points, minimum order quantity or production lead-times.

Fabric categories where Collins Textile Group excels in delivering a tailored solution for customers include:

  • Cotton and blends of cotton for shirtings and bottom weights
  • Wool and blends of wool for suiting & coating
  • Polyester and polyester viscose blends for shirting & suiting
  • Rayon/Viscose, and blends for shirting, suiting & dress
  • Silk and blends for all end uses
  • Acetate, tri-acetate and blends

In addition to our fashion textile expertise, as custom clothing manufacturers we’re experienced in the development and supply of fabrics for furnishing/upholstery and corporate uniforms. Of particular interest to all buyers, with timing being such a sensitive consideration, is our enormous selection of ready to ship, stock-service fabrics.

With in-house warehousing in Sydney, and professional showrooms in both Sydney and Melbourne, we provide the flexibility to rapidly meet the sourcing requirements of buyers.

Contact the Leading Custom Fabric Manufacturer Today

If you’re looking for a reputable company that provides superb towel, bed sheet and garments manufacturing services in Australia, Collins Textile Group is available to produce any required items in a short timeframe. Call us on (02) 9810 8400 for more information on our services.

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