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Welcome to Collins Textile Group, one of the leading textile companies in the Australian textile industry. As trusted wholesale fabric suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne, we’re capable of designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality fabric, textile and denim fabric Australia wide.


Our experienced Australian textile manufacturers are ready to take on any job. If you’ve been searching for a textile factory in Australia with a minimum order quantity that suits your needs and your budget, get in touch with our fabric wholesalers in Sydney or Melbourne to place an order for bulk fabric in Australia.

Our Story

With more than half a century in the Australian textile industry, it’s not surprising Australian and international buyers choose Collins Textile Group as their textile and fabric suppliers in Melbourne and Sydney.

Since 1954, the Collins Textile factory has been initiating and nurturing relationships with the worlds’ leading textile companies and producers. Constantly striving for uniqueness in our offering has made our Textile company in Sydney and Melbourne the first destination for leading fashion, uniform and homeware businesses sourcing their next collections.

Textiles are in our blood, with four generations of partnership building and three generations currently active in the textile and fabric factory business. Our experienced sales and sourcing teams and Australian textile manufacturers are ready to bring fresh and unique textile solutions to your business.

Why Choose Us?

By putting the satisfaction of our clients first, Collins Textile Group has been able to consistently provide high-quality products at the best prices. Unlike other clothing manufacturing companies, a minimum order quantity is not required, allowing us to deliver a customised service that meets your specific needs.

We can assist our clients with selecting the right fabric style, cut and colour for their needs. We can deliver the best fabrics in Australia, as well as having the expertise, skill, creativity and equipment to accurately design, manufacture and supply immaculate custom made clothes, towels, bed sheets, blankets, curtains and much more for customers across Australia.

With many useful contacts in the international and Australian textile industry, we can source hard-to-find and rare fabrics and trims from textile companies in Asia and Turkey to provide our clients with stylish products. Our fabric factory partnerships have been in place for many years, allowing us to produce and deliver products of the highest quality. You can trust the skilled, reliable and passionate team at our textile factory to make your products without there being a single thread stitched out of place.

Contact the Leading Textile Manufacturers in Australia Today

Our team is ready to help your business with any fabric requirements you have. To get in touch with one of the best textile companies in Australia, call Collins Textile Group today on (02) 9810 8400.

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