As both exclusive Agents and wholesale distributors for selected large scale, predominantly vertically structured textile producers, Collins engineer each offer to the specific needs of buyers..

60 years in business assures strong relationships. From some of the oldest textile enterprises in Europe, to some of the newest & most progressive in Asia, we have all textile categories covered, and enjoy the unwavering support &

Our preference is to trade with vertical, full-production enterprises rather than trading companies. This provides a leaner pricing structure, greater flexibility in adapting specs to specific buyer requirements and the ability to overcome MOQ issues.

With in-house warehousing in Sydney, and professional showrooms in both Sydney and Melbourne, Collins Textile Group is able to provide a range of purchasing & delivery options – concluding orders in different currencies & on a multitude of different trade and payment terms.

The ranges on offer extend to literally thousands of qualities & designs – as such it is impossible to represent them all on our website. A selection of our most compelling ranges have been summarized, however we encourage a meeting in our showrooms or your premises to better experience the diversity of the collections.

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