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A distinguished gentleman should only wear the best clothing made out of the finest fabrics available. If you need some assistance with your men’s clothing designs, Collins Textile Group can help to ensure that your products are production ready. As specialist shirting fabric manufacturers and suiting fabric manufacturers for businesses in Australia, we understand the challenges clothing stores face when searching for quality fabrics.

We offer an extensive collection of men’s suit fabrics, shirt fabrics, coating fabrics and pant fabrics to design high-quality clothing for men. From cotton and linen to polyester, our knowledgeable pant, coat and shirting fabric suppliers are proud to offer you the highest quality fabrics in Australia to make your men’s clothing designs a reality.


Cotton is one of the most sought after fabrics due to its versatility and how comfortable and breathable it is. Collins Textile Group is one of the best cotton suppliers and cotton shirting fabric manufacturers that can supply you with cotton and cotton polyester blend materials for designing clothes. From shirts and pants to socks and more, the possibilities are endless.


Linen is a very popular fabric due to its durability, strength, breathability and resistance to stretching. Collins Textile Group is a linen fabric supplier offering a huge variety of linen fabrics that can be used to make very stylish men’s clothing.


Our wide range of polyester fabrics provides businesses with a way to offer their customers stylish yet easy care polyester clothes. As a leading polyester fabric supplier, we understand how crucial it is to keep up with the ever changing styles of men’s clothing. Speak to us today for quality polyester fabrics.

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Need premium fabrics to make men’s clothes? Collins Textile Group has you covered. Browse through our wide selection of designer suit fabrics, coating fabrics, shirt fabrics and pant fabrics that can be used to design the perfect men’s suit. Call us on (02) 9810 8400 to schedule a private consultation with our shirting fabric manufacturers and suiting fabric manufacturers who can help you select the best suit fabric for your requirements.