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The Collins Textile Group Story

In 1954, Percy Collins was approached by the Australian Trade Commission, who were seeking qualified companies to act as sales agents for the textile industry of the then Czechoslovakia. Czech had in those days a textile manufacturing of the scale that we now know from Asia. The business in those days was known as Centrotex Pty Ltd – Centrotex being the Czech government owned export organisation distributing all Czech textile production.

As a major wholesaler and trader of textiles, their superior quality fabric, fast lead-time and proficiencies in developing woven and knit fabrics to individual specifications set Collins Textile Group apart.

It started with one factory, and had grown to more than 100 by the late 1980’s – supplying textile goods from Handkerchiefs to Carpets. After the Revolution in the early 90’s, Czechoslovakia was split in two, the factories lost their Government subsidies, found demand from previously loyal Eastern European markets soften, and struggled to compete in the design driven world of fashion. The rise of garment manufacturing in the East made the European fabric offer less compelling to major western clients. The Czech mills began to close and competition from Asia intensified – by the late 90’s few Czech producers had survived. As our focus changed so did our name, becoming Collins Textile Group.

With the shift in garment manufacturing to Asia and an ever greater importance of ‘speed to market’, the challenges of offering European textiles exclusively were clear. The company began travelling to China and other Asian countries sourcing textiles from around 1993, and today the company enjoys an enviable commitment to Australia among its chosen partners – predominantly Asian based vertical textile producers, although we retain a European connection with select enterprises based in Turkey.

Regular sourcing trips keep our ranges fresh and directional, and build on the strength of our diverse and exclusive supply relationships. Australia’s leading brands across Mens, Womens, Corporate Apparel and Home furnishings all value the ease of accessing compelling textile ranges though our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms, and the depth of experience that comes from 4 generations of a passionate textile family.
Textiles are in our blood. We can’t wait for an opportunity to add value & uniqueness to your next sourcing…

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